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Why AID?

AID is an effective top international organization as rated by Charity Navigator. We seek to create self sustainable development.

AID addresses underlying causes by using powerful tools to bring out change. We campaign against corruption. We are constructive and creative with our various projects. We recognize interconnected problems, and support holistic solutions that address the root of the problems, not the symptoms. Our success stems from our local-export support, people that come in for a few years and others than have become Jeevan Sathis (life-time) volunteers. We have built relations with reputable NGO's and people's movements in India. Our three pillars of Sangharsh, Nirmaan, and Seva have evolved over the years. Working closely with people in India we stand by them in their struggles and efforts to find sustainable solutions to their multi-faceted problems.

We are not religiously or politically affiliated.


Alternative energy projects: solar, wind, micro-hydro ad pedal power lighting.

Bilgaon micro-hydel power project that inspired the movie "Swades" ... read more

Actively involved in the legislation of the Right to Information (RTI) and National Rural Employment Guarantee (NREGA) Acts ... read more

Fatehwadi & RTI on Wheels

Voice of Agariyas: The Salt makers of India

Rehabilitation of Bonded Labourers in Odisha

Board and Staff

Chapter Coordinator: Ramesh

Vice-President: Ginni

Treasurer: Karuna

Joint Treasurer: Radhika

Secretary: Soumya

Project Coordinator: Ranga

Events Coordinator: Ajai

Events Coordinator: Adil

Fundraising/Outreach Coordinator: Rupal

Web Coordinator: Amrutha

Communications Coordinator: Dev

Creative & Design: Anne

Creative & Design: Himanshi

Facts and Stats

  • For every dollar, 95.9% goes directly to the project
  • A Jeevan Saathi (Life-time) AID volunteer visits every single project that is supported
  • 90% of donations come from individual donors
  • Our projects are in diverse fields including: health, education, social justice, agriculture, community empowerment, and environmental protection.

Contact Us

Meetings: Every Thursday @ CU Engineering Center, University of Colorado - Boulder, 7:30 pm .
Phone: 720-310-8AID
Links: Facebook, Twitter